Government Entities

City and Local Municipalities;

  • looking for ways to get more value with less risk and impact transfer from their expenditures
  • working to implement high priority initiatives in short time frames
  • committed to providing more tangible and sustainable constituent value
  • focused on offering quality, effectiveness, and impact over operational efficiency and customer control
  • committed to obtaining indirect benefits from their priority initiatives
  • able to develop resource leverage models
  • prioritize automating operations via enablement and value

State and Federal Government Entities;

  • interested in moving beyond transactional low value business contracts to business relationships based high value high impact sustainable offerings that perform and grow value and positive impact over time
  • focused on mitigating operational performance, cost, and impact risks associated with partner, provider, industry, or market volatility specifically relating to core value performance as a result of misrepresentation, manipulation, fraud, speculation, and extraction causing broader negative societal impact
  • interested in creating new methods and tools for more effective evaluation, sourcing, contracting, performance measurement of current and future business partners and operations
  • evaluating automation investment to significantly improve performance
  • looking to partner with companies who’s brand and operations align with value delivery committed to support decentralized high value small business operations investments  
  • working with corporate boards improve medium to longer term performance and societal impacts by reducing misrepresentation and manipulation to drive stronger results through a true value focus
  • who want an honest and objective assessment regarding their contribution to creating the current state of value depletion and catastrophic events