Government Entities

Government entities can foster an environment where businesses can thrive, yet not at the expense of their customers, shareholders, employees, tax payers, or broader society, but based upon delivering tangible sustainable meaningful outcomes for all parties.  The current “Pro-Business” Ideology and practices have delivered calamitous business performance, while being given tremendous leeway with regard to the transfer of enormous negative impacts in the form of catastrophic costs and implications to society.   Government entities have paid a huge price, directly and indirectly, as a result of the Bad Business practices and governments inability to participate effectively in support of a stable economic system.  As a result governments struggle to meet the advisory, advocacy, and service provider roles expected of them by their constituents.  Confidence in government and institutions is at historic lows.

The political climate has contributed greatly to the current trending and doesn’t look to be changing any time soon given private and public personal self-interests that warp the system and the outrageous money wielded in the election, governing, and legal processes.  Neither party has been cable of realistic addressing the issues in a meaningful way.  Both political parties colluded to ensure the American people have steep hurdles to entertain an alternate party in hopes of addressing these colossal issues.  In most cases politicians and agency employees have been influenced so intensely by industry leaders that they have actually added to the challenges rather than addressing them.  Regulation, enforcement, the legal system, and professional advocacy that would balance our system have all been coopted and corrupted to an astonishing degree.  Our current Catastrophe Capitalism system and the needs and will of the people have never been more misaligned. 

“Pro-Business” advocates argue that regulation inhibits growth and creates investment and employment barriers that reduce the competitive interests of the United States.  Although there is some risk of “overregulation” and “poorly focused regulation”.  The vast majority of the incident failures, systemic manipulation and fraud, and excessive speculation and extraction over the past 30 years that has delivered horrible shareholder returns, decimated customer value, devastated employees, crippled governments, and saddled our citizens is as a result of deregulation and systemic corruption.  The root causes that have crippled the world economies are as a result of too little and ineffective regulation and enforcement.  The cost, impact, and accountability transfer of which is understated by trillions of dollars.

Government Entities must quit looking to business leaders to solve problems that business leaders created and have been culturally indoctrinated in.  Value deterioration is as a direct consequence of a series of failed leadership ideals that in aggregate have brought America to this dark era in our history. 

Bottom line:  Governments must look to value intensity and alignment as a core focus to bring business, citizens, and public interests together.  Specifically, Federal, State, and Local Governments can leverage Align for Value3TMMethodology to improve their understanding of and ability to execute against their constituents most important priorities.

Exponential Potential works with government entities to change specific policies and practices in procurement, contracting, and performance delivery that provide significant direct and indirect benefits for their constituents.  Alternatively the Align for Value3TM Methodology can be leveraged to enable sweeping transformation that assist government entities in making meaningful impact on creating sustainable meaningful growth for all.  Businesses don’t suffer; they prosper out from under the massive weight of misrepresentation, manipulation, fraud, resource and recognition misallocation, brand failure, extreme speculation and extraction actions, and the astronomical cost and burden transfer.  Consumers, citizens, tax payers, employees, and investors achieve greater value, at lower costs, and stable sustainable growth from their expenditures and investments.  Governments take their rightful place as a meaningful leader in driving economic prosperity for all stakeholders.